Brian Johnson's A Life On The Road

Brian Johnson’s On The Road is a new series celebrating the ‘lives on the road’ of music’s greatest ever rock acts. Hosted by AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, the programmes feature interviews with rocks most successful stars. Each episode examines the life of a particular artist or rock group –Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Roger Daltrey (The Who), Sting (the Police), Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), encompassing the staggering highs and brutal lows of their experiences from early, grass-roots touring all the way through to budget-busting, record-breaking tours worldwide.


Featuring rich archive footage and exclusive interviews, this series frames each episode in locations personal to each artist from the streets and music halls of Shepherds Bush, London, where The Who started out, to the multi-million pound cars of Nick Mason’s personal collection.

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Brian Johnson, Lars Ulrich, Nick Mason, Sting, Joe Elliot, Robert Plant
Bob Smeaton, Christopher Walker
6x44' HD
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