Eagle Vision is thrilled to announce that Bros: After The Screaming Stops won the award for Best Multichannel Programme at 2020's Broadcast Awards.

The musical brothers’ honesty and openness was key to Bros: After The Screaming Stops, and its success came from a host of laugh-out-loud sequences that spread across the internet and provoked true watercooler moments. A more serious story about reconciliation and family issues underpinned the film, which was shot in 100 days as the Goss brothers geared up for a comeback performance at London’s O2.

One judge encapsulated the way in which Fulwell 73 avoided falling into cliche, calling it “a multi-layered documentary that could have been either a puff piece or a hatchet job but ultimately was neither – a superb film”.

A second paid tribute to the producers for their “rare deftness” in creating a film that was simultaneously poignant and very funny.